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Digital Pipeline’sComputers 4 Charity” appeal invites donations of redundant computers, saving them from being scrapped or dumped, 100% securely datawipes and 100% fulfils all environmental responsibilities with every item tracked and traced throughout. As many as practicable are supplied on to schools in developing countries via other UK charities, or more recently to unemployed veterans, hospices and nominated volunteers in the UK, with the surplus used to fund the charity.


In some developing countries, the school is the tree with the widest branches and the teacher is the villager who can read and write the best, who may never have left the local region. With computers, school attendances often double and IT literate children get jobs earning several times what their parents do, supporting their extended families for a lifetime, helping their nation develop and lifting them out of poverty.

Bill Gates on Digital Pipeline

"Digital Pipeline offers an innovative approach to the effective reuse of technology"

Digital Pipeline’s computers deliver a World Class IT based education to an estimated 1.3 million children and can play a role in combating aids, malaria and other infectious diseases. 

Digital Pipeline started out as an internal project within Microsoft in February 2004 and was registered as a UK charity on 3rd April 2007 with Microsoft as the Founding Member; see the personal video from Bill Gates.

In January 2011 Computers 4 Africa merged into Digital Pipeline and in January 2020 Digital Pipeline restructured to join forces with another charity, formerly called Contribute with a view to an eventual merger.


What we do

Digital Refurbishment

We provide secure data destruction, computer recycling and reuse and give a whole new dimension to your corporate social responsibility.

Who we are

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Not for Profit

Computers 4 Charity, as a working name of Digital Pipeline, is a registered charity operating as a social enterprise.

We do not receive any traditional grant aid and rely upon our innovative approach to collaboration with other like-minded organisations around the world.

Education & Training

Computers 4 Charity develops digital eco-systems for schools, community learning centres and higher education institutions. We help build WIFI networks to serve remote townships, semi urban and rural areas. We build ICT hubs, classrooms and provide e-Learning solutions.

Computer Refurbishment
Refurbised computers
Computer Reuse

Technology Suppliers

Computers 4 Charity has evolved into a leading technology charity and social enterprise, providing hundreds of thousands of PCs across 36 different countries. Our holistic approach to computer refurbishment is designed around sustainability.


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