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Good news!

Computers 4 Africa (Digital Pipeline) is expanding its range of beneficiaries to include unemployed veterans and charity volunteers here in the UK.

So we now have a new working name: “Computers 4 Charity”.

We are merging with another charity, previously called “Contribute”, and where we hold our outreach events we will now offer a limited number of free laptops for ex-services who are out-of-work. This will help them job search and apply from home, instead of having to go into the Job Centre or local library; it is difficult to do these on a mobile phone.

At our outreach events we will also invite local charities to nominate a limited number of volunteers to receive a free laptop as both a ‘Thank You’, as well as enable them to support their charity better.

We will continue to supply UK charities taking computers to Africa on a cost recovery basis. 


While we also continue to offer to collect larger numbers of computers from donors, and will do so in as safe a manner as practicable, we are obliged to stop accepting personally delivered donations of IT equipment to our workshop at 3e Priory Park, Mills Road, Aylesford, Kent ME20 7PP. Please do not bring us any more to our site for the time being. We will let you know as soon as this changes.

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