Our expertise is in Computer Refurbishment and Reuse

Computers 4 Charity have over 10 years experience refurbishing and redeploiying a vast array of IT equipment.

It all starts with your donated computers and devices and our refurbishment processes. This is the first stage in our operation.


1. Onsite Collection

Select a date and we come and collect your equipment free of charge.

2. Audit

Your equipment is bar-coded, tested and fully audited at our warehouse.

3. Data Destruction

All data containing devices are data wiped or destroyed to DoD standards.


4. Reporting

A full audit report with corresponding data wipe log is sent to you.

5. Reuse

Working devices that meet our minimum spec are cleaned and installed.

6. Recycle

Non-working or below spec devices are dismantled and ethically recycled.


How does it work?

What happens next?

Once the computers have been through our refurbishment process, they are then distributed to charities, communities and organisations worldwide.

How can you help?

Donate today and your redundant computers can be refurbished and reused to help hundreds of thousands people across the world get access to much needed IT equipment.