Access Community Trust

A big thank you to Business in the Community for introducing and facilitating this donation of seven PC's to Access Community Trust to be placed in communal areas to support their homeless schemes helping vulnerable people with job searches and applications.

Access Community Trust promote social inclusion for the community benefit by preventing people from becoming socially excluded and assisting them to integrate into society.

We delivered these recently to Sam’s Café which is a social enterprise run by Access Community Trust to connect the community with education, employment and social activity opportunities.

This fantastic initiative, which is staffed by a team of young volunteers (also being assisted by the trust) support the local community with comprehensive training, support and guidance to increase their opportunities for the future, raise their aspirations and build their confidence.

They are extremely passionate about their local community and strive to improve the lives of those within it. What an amazing idea - so pleased we were able to support - if you are interested in finding out more please take a look at their website:

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