Building houses for teachers at Simooya Community School

Chibozu Community Trust is seeking funding to support education at Simooya Community School to build two semi-detached flat/houses. A lack of suffiecent accommodation for the teachers at the school means the school cannot recruit more qualified teaching staff.

Chibozu Community Trust is not for profit organisation registered in the UK. The Trust operates in Pemba District of the Simooya area with 12 villages that have a total population of 5500 in the southern part of Zambia. They support various projects across Zambia including health and education with the main objective being to alleviating poverty and hunger.

By assisting remote rural communities through a community development, the Trust aims to deliver grassroots based activities and services that empower local communities. The Trust provides education and health facilities and has so far supported the local community by building a school, 2 houses for the teachers, a clinic and a house for nurses. A borehole and water reservoir has also been built and electricity is now available in the clinic and school.

Despite Simooya Community School benefiting from government supplied teachers and students paying a nominal fee, it is still a community based school in that there is no funding from the government. Such funding is imperative to meet running costs and acquire educational supplies that are needed to support the educational requirements of the students and prepare them to succeed. Additionally, the majority of families cannot afford a meal hence students attend school on empty stomachs thus negatively impacting their concentration levels in class.

Education is the gateway to success in Africa and good grades will open opportunities for students to gain employment and further their education. Currently, 3 classes are operating with a total population of 370 students. There are 6 teachers sharing two houses and a flat at the school. The school requires 3 more additional class rooms, two teacher’s houses and a library/staff room to meet the current demand.

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