Gift of Laptops for Ballanta Academy of Music in Sierra Leone

Updated: Apr 1, 2020

Computers 4 Africa have donated 3 refurbished laptops to the Ballanta Academy of Music in Sierra Leone. They will be used in the workshop run by German SES expert Stephan Flore in October. Staff will learn how to use music notation software to professionalize the look of their music among other things.

Jessica Cook, the daughter of Computers 4 Africa’s founder George Cook, volunteered at Ballanta Academy of Music back in 2015. Her voluntary work along with her talent in music and dance endeared her to help the people she worked with.

Ballanta Academy of Music is a center for musical arts education and entertainment and is registered with the Ministry of Education, Science and Technology as a Technical Vocational Institution. The Academy is the only institution of its kind in the nation that seeks to harness the rich musical talent in the country and also provide an opportunity for professional and technical development. They provide a platform for performance practice, training and research for the people of Sierra Leone to nurture and develop the musical talent, empowering young people to develop their careers.

Pictured above is Dr. K.Fadlu-Deen as she receives the laptops from Computers 4 Africa. Dr. Kitty Fadlu-Deen and the late Mr. Logie Wright founded and officially launched the institution on October 25th 1995. The Ballanta Academy of Music was named after the great Sierra Leonean music scholar, composer and educator, Nicholas G.J. Ballanta.

Computers 4 Africa hope to continue to offer support to Dr Kitt Fadlu-Deen and her academy, so that they may continue to provide such a wonderfully creative service to communities in Sierra Leone.

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