Paddock Wood Primary School - Kent

Updated: Jan 22

Following a referral from Lions Club Paddock Wood, we were put in touch with Paddock Wood Primary School.

Two students needed a laptop to support their home-schooling education and we were happy to help.

The Parent Support advisor at Paddock Wood Primary School commented: " I wanted to say a huge thank you to Computers4Charity for the incredibly generous donation of two laptops. Lockdown and the transition to home learning has been very difficult for so many of our families, given the lack of resources to access the material that is now mostly online. We have been able to give the 2 laptops to families that are now able to access all of the home learning. Here are the comments the family sent me:

One family report "what a difference the laptop has made to my family. My son is now able to do his work without hassling me for my phone and now he will have it for secondary school. I can finally get on with my work!"

The other family said "thank you so much for the laptop...I have 5 children and we were all working off an old laptop that was only working sometimes. I have now been able to give time to all my children to access their work and I have a much happier house because of it"

Thank you again so much for the support in allowing 2 of our families a rather smoother time during lockdown. As you know, we are all hoping to get back to school as soon as possible but the help of the donations should aid the families well into the future with all the additional learning that happens at home as well as during these next few weeks/months of lockdown"

We would like to say a big thank you to Suzuki for making this possible.

Contact us for more information on how you can Donate a laptop – Help a child.

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