Village By Village

Village by Village were in eager anticipation to receive a consignment of laptops- but had to wait for five months for them to finally reach its destination in Ghana.

Village by Village, a charity totally reliant on the benevolence of others, there mission is to reduce the needless suffering and deaths of children living in poverty in remote rural African villages.

The laptops will facilitate IT education for the children during the daytime and also adult education in the evenings.  A school has been built at Abenta, East Region, Ghana comprising of 3 classrooms and one IT Lab to facilitate the needs of a village bearing the same name.  The IT Lab has been built especially to cater for our donation of 20 laptops where they will be accessed and used by the local community boosting their learning and career potential.

The future plans for this project include Village by Village extending their reach through the use of “Keypods”.  The charity wants to purchase them and sell them to the community for $7; they are applying to be a reseller for the product.  Please see for more information.

Neil Kerfoot said "It took ages to get the laptops through Ghana customs but at last we did it. We have brought computing to a village in poverty. .. It’s our job now to ensure they are used correctly and looked after!"

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